Well, our natural light photography studio is turning out so beautifully! Pittsburgh has some great on-location settings but I am loving the studio lately! Of course is it like -15 outside soooo that factors in;)

baby making a funny face in knit outfit taken by photographer near pittsburgh

This adorable knit outfit was from a shop in Sewickley called Ideas Vintage Market- you NEED to go there just to breathe in the gorgeous vintage set ups that fill the store! I leave so inspired and full of ideas, it truly lives up to it’s name!!

six month old baby girl posing in a tree stump for her studio portrait
But I think baby Lucy was very cozy in this outfit!! Just hanging out in a tree stump;)
baby with rose knit hat smiling in studio

We love to create custom sets for our clients- the studio is so versatile!! Pinterest is a great way to share ideas and get the ball rolling- that is usually our first step with clients- creating a Pinterest board! That way we can get a feel for the style of the session, lighting that they like, etc. So much fun!
photographer in pittsburgh takes photo of baby girl at studio

Lucy is six months old- such a fun age! Old enough to interact with me but not old enough to crawl/run away from me yet;)Baby photographs are usually taken at newborn (two weeks old), 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year. It’s amazing how much they change in that first year! I look back at my daughter’s different baby photographs all the time, the time that they are babies goes way too fast and it’s too easy to forget.
photo of a sweet baby girl smiling in a tree stump bucket

When I look at my four year old’s baby photos all kinds of memories come rushing back to me- I can hear her little voice babbling baby gibberish, I can smell the aveeno baby shampoo in her hair and feel her smooth cheek against mine as I carry her around the house. From time to time I would write down different things she was doing or saying when she got old enough but it was so hard to find the time to write everything! The pictures fill in the gaps for me. What memories come back to you when you look at photos of your babies??

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I don’t even know where to begin regarding how awesome this maternity photo session was! It was one of our first sessions in our new studio space right outside of downtown Pittsburgh on Neville Island. The natural light in this studio is just lovely. And this mama to be was lovely as well!!
maternity photo with gray dress taken in pittsburgh studio

This session was styled by Maternity Girl- she rents fabulous dresses and clothing for pregnant and nursing mamas!!
She brings a rack of clothes to the photo session and mama to be gets to pick and choose what she likes! This way she doesn’t have to spend a fortune on gowns and outfits she may never wear again!

photo of mom to be in colorful dress taken by photographer in pittsburgh studio

This family is very excited to welcome this baby boy in about a month! And we get to take newborn photos too hooray!!

I could have shared every single photo from this session, I couldn’t stand it!! This beautiful lady is a hair dresser so of course her hair looked amazing as well as her makeup!!
pittsburgh photo of mom to be with chunky necklace and beautiful makeup

So, does anyone actually read photography blogs or do they just look at the pictures? Very curious about that as I sit here writing at 12:30 in the morning. ha! If you happen to read this, leave a comment;)

maternity photo taken in pittsburgh of mom in gray dress on bed

I couldn’t sleep after editing these photos without blogging them! I just loved the whole process of this shoot. Hanging out with this mom to be was so much fun, we got to be girly girls oooohing and aaahing over the clothes and jewelery and everything.

pittsburgh photo of mom to be in pink lace dress with big necklace

She was so much fun! And open to all of our crazy ideas! Even racing out into the snow on a 10 degree day! I know pregnancy makes you feel a little warmer but not when it’s 10 degrees out! And on that note when is this cold snap going to end??? I have major cabin fever. So does my four year old. She literally runs circles around the coffee table because she has so much energy (can i have some!?!?)

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Gosh I am a little behind with this post. I first met this beautiful family almost a year ago when Mama was pregnant with baby number 2. Check out her maternity photos here- http://www.patriciajune.com/maternity/maternity-bliss-pittsburgh-maternity-photographer/

We had an amazing time taking her maternity photos and meeting her wonderful husband and GORGEOUS daughter. Soon after we started planning the newborn photo session. Mom wanted the session done at the family home with a relaxed feel. We talked about color schemes, props, and certain shots she knew she had to have. We also talked about what she wanted to do with the photos after she had the digital files on disk ready to go.

We were so excited about the session we could hardly wait for little Eli to make his grand appearance!! Mom emailed me when they were home from the hospital and we set up a good day and time for the photo session: Yay!!

pittsburgh family photographer takes photo in home of newborn baby boy and his family

Ok so I have to say that when Mom walked in looking like a million bucks I could not believe she had just had a baby!!! She was radiant.
photo of newborn with mom taken by professional photographer in pittsburgh

Dad cleaned up pretty well too;)
photo taken in robinson township pa of dad with his kids

And baby Eli was such a dream to photograph! He hardly fussed, maybe once when he was hungry!
photo of newborn baby boy on blanket taken in pittsburgh pa

My baby girl was about a month old when I took these photos and she definitely did not behave as well as Eli. It must be something about photographer’s kids! They are born resisting the camera I swear. Luckily I saw that coming and hired a newborn photographer to capture the special time for me. SO GLAD I DID!!

photo of newborn baby boy in pittsburgh home with toes sticking out

Don’t forget to schedule your maternity photos soon after you find out you are pregnant! Schedule them for around 34-36 weeks. And schedule your newborn photos early too! the last thing you want to worry about after you get home from the hospital is looking for a photographer and hoping to be squeezed into their schedule. You will want to stare at your beautiful baby all day instead!

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