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Welcome to the Little Heroes series! We feature babies and children here who have had a rough time at some point in their lives whether it be physical or emotional. Parents submit a story of what happened and how the child is doing now. Then we take some new photos for the family compliments of Patricia June Photography. This series is a great way to show support for these families- leave a comment on the blog to show you care! Share the link to the blog so that more eyes can see these children who are truly miracles, and more prayers can be said for them and their families.

photo of baby girl in field taken at soergels orchard in wexford by baby photographer

This week we feature Lana. Doesn’t she just look like a fighter in the above photo!!!? We ventured to Soergel’s in Wexford for this session. Here is Lana’s story as told by Mom…

I found out I was pregnant in March 2013 with my third child. We were planning on a third but wanted to wait another year or so since our youngest was only 10 months old and our oldest was 3 1/2. After the initial shock wore off, we were extremely happy and decided to tell friends and family. Around my 12th week of pregnancy I started to bleed quite heavily. The doctors sent me emergently for an ultrasound. Surprisingly the baby was fine, but I had a large bleed called a sub-chorionic hemorrhage under my uterus. They said sub-chorionic hemmorhages were somewhat common in pregnancy but they usually see about a tablespoon amount of blood on an ultrasound, and I had over 1000mL (over a liter). At 21 weeks after my first hospital admission to Magee for severe bleeding, my regular OB doctors referred me to a high risk group of OB specialists. The doctors reviewed my ultrasounds and blood work and suggested for my safety that I chose to terminate the pregnancy. Without even a second thought I told them no! They then had me meet with neonatal doctors to prepare me for the chance of early labor and then started me on several medications to help mature the baby faster, just in case. On August 9th 2013, 25 weeks along in my pregnancy and after just being discharged from Magee for a second time for loss of blood, I was at home with my two other children when I began having strong and painful contractions. I phoned my husband at work, along with my mother and sister and told them all to come to the house immediately…something was wrong. My mother was the first one to reach the house, soon followed by my sister. My contractions were so close and severe that they had no choice but to call 911. Shortly after the paramedics showed up, so did my husband. In the ambulance on the way to Magee hospital, I delivered our 1lb 14oz baby girl, Lana Dawn. Looking down at her, I thought for sure she was gone. They rushed me into the ER triage where at that time my husband saw i had delivered the baby. They worked on Lana right beside me for what seemed like hours. Thinking the worst, I couldn’t even bear to look at her. One of the nurses holding my hand told me that she had a pulse and was now intubated. They let me hold her for several seconds before rushing her off to the NICU. Within 24 hrs Lana was extubated and placed on a different mode of assistance called nasal CPAP, to assist her with breathing. After a couple of days I was able to hold her against my chest for the first time. I’ve seen pictures and have heard other families’ stories about their preemie babies; but looking down at Lana , it was just so amazing and incredible how such a small life could live and survive outside the womb.

image (1)

As most NICU babies do, Lana would have her good and bad days. She was being fed with my breast milk through a feeding tube in her mouth; increasing the amount every 3 days or so. Having two other children at home and a husband working full-time, it became physically and mentally exhausting going to Magee everyday (sometimes twice), not only for me but my other children. I had to make the decision to visit Lana every other day, sometimes every 3 days. But between myself, my husband, mother and sister, we made sure Lana was being visited and held everyday by one of us.
At around 31 weeks Lana was taken off the C-PAP machine and placed on oxygen (nasal cannula). Several days later, Lana’s oxygen levels began dropping. They did a chest X-ray and an Echocardiogram and found out that Lana had moderate/severe pulmonary hypertension, which means that her heart was working extra hard to help the lungs oxygenate her body. They had to put her back on C-PAP to help rest her heart for several more weeks. A repeat echo was done about 5 weeks later and showed only mild pulmonary hypertension. This was great news! The next day they took her off the C-PAP and placed her back on the nasal cannula. They also moved her feeding tube from her mouth to her nose and began teaching her to bottle feed. On the first attempt Lana drank over 1/2 the bottle. The nurses and doctors were all amazed considering this is the biggest obstacle for preemies to overcome before being discharged. Within a week, Lana was taking all her feedings via the bottle and her feeding tube was removed! Finally plans for discharge were in the works. On November 18th, after 102 days in the NICU, we were finally able to bring Lana home! She came home on a heart monitor and oxygen. After only 2 months at home, the doctors said she was able to come off all equipment.

photo of a baby girl taken in pittsburgh by professional photographer

Lana is now 11 months old, 16lbs and doing absolutely amazing. She is the most laid back, cool, calm and content baby there is. We have therapy come to the house weekly to work on developmental skills with her. She will continue to have follow up appointments for her heart and eyes. But right now she is doing better than anyone could have ever imagined or expected.

photo of a baby girl taken by professional photographer in pittsburgh

Even though the pregnancy, the delivery, and the 102 days in the NICU were overwhelming and stressful… To think Lana wouldn’t even be here if I had listened to the doctors suggestion of terminating the pregnancy… Lana is truly a miracle. Our little angel.

baby photography taken at soergels orchards near pittsburgh pa

pittsburgh baby photographer took this photo near wexford pa

If you know anyone who would be a candidate for this series please have parents email story submissions to tricia@patriciajune.com

photo of baby girl taken in wexford pa by photographer

Thanks for commenting and sharing!!

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  • Sharon - Your daughter is beautiful!! May you continue to be Blessed!!


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I’m pretty sure this baby girl was the only comfortable one at the park this sweltering hot summer day! She totally rocked her on-location photography session at Robin Hill park near Robinson twp. Pa. It was nearing 90 degrees around 4pm when we took these photos! Mom and Dad were troopers and we got the family photos done right away so everyone looked their best! Then we focused on this gorgeous baby girl. Babies are amazing. She could have cared less about the heat and just looked as adorable as ever!

baby photography taken near robinson pa by professional photographer

This is possibly the only split second she stayed put on this blanket, otherwise she was on the move!!! Her mom was getting a workout plucking her up and plopping her back on the blanket about ten times.

pittsburgh baby photographer took this photo at a park called robin hill near robinson pa

I loved the colors Mom put together for this photo session! They looked beautiful together.

baby photo taken on location by photographer near pittsburgh pa

pittsburgh baby photographer took this photo of a baby girl in a garden

I was so thankful to this baby girl’s parents for being understanding of my third trimester pregnant self!! We took lots of breaks and Dad even brought me a bottle of water! My clients are so amazing to work with!

I have to say with about 7 weeks left to go in my pregnancy I am doing awesome! I am blessed enough to still be sleeping well and staying active! I only have a few photo shoots left before I am taking maternity leave and preparing for our sweet baby girl’s arrival. I’m sure I will be blogging in my down time so expect to see some activity here during my break! And of course our new baby will have her debut on here as well– she will be comfortable being in front of the camera from a very young age! I always say one of the reasons I love newborn photography so much is because I know how fleeting that time is. Before you know it the babies are grown. My older daughter was a newborn before I started this photography journey so I don’t have professional newborn photos of her and I regret it all the time!! So get yours done!

I am still scheduling for this fall and winter if you are interested in a session email me at tricia@patriciajune.com


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Welcome to the Little Heroes series! We feature babies and children here who have had a rough time at some point in their lives whether it be physical or emotional. Parents submit a story of what happened and how the child is doing now. Then we take some new photos for the family compliments of Patricia June Photography. This series is a great way to show support for these families- leave a comment on the blog to show you care! Share the link to the blog so that more eyes can see these children who are truly miracles, and more souls can pray for them and their families.

This week we feature Sean (Monkey) who came to visit the studio awhile ago. Here is his story as shared by Mom….


Back in January we noticed that Monkey was limping a little. We thought that maybe it was because of how he usually sits on the floor…legs to the side like a M…we thought maybe his leg or foot was falling asleep. We started making him sit in his little chair and watched him carefully to make sure he sat with his feet out to see if it helped. Oddly the limping got worse. Soon he was complaining it hurt and would barely walk. We took him in to our pediatrician on January 24. He sent us right away for x-rays saying that often times kids his age can fracture their leg and not show any signs (bruising/swelling). After getting x-rays we were told they didn’t see any breaks or fracture of any kind. Once I got the confirmation back from the doctor he referred us to the pediatric orthopedist.

On February 2 we met with the orthopedist and they were using words like “rheumatoid arthritis” and “MRI”. This is when I started worrying. An MRI for a two-year-old meant sedation. The word rheumatoid brought images of my poor baby not being able to move at age 5 and never being able to live a ‘normal’ life. Needless to say I was scared and confused. Ed talked me down from the ledge though, he reminded me that we needed to take things one step at a time…not jump to conclusions.


We went in on February 5 for his MRI. What a scary thing. I know that there are children and parents out there that are dealing with much worse but for us this was new and to me a little terrifying. To watch the nurses put an IV in your 2 year old and see him shake because of the medication and watch his eyes roll back as it finally put him under…not really something I thought I’d have to experience as a parent. I sat in a rocker while they took the images and I prayed. I prayed that he would be ok. I prayed that they would find something that was easily treatable, something fixable.
Later that week, after many tearful calls to the office, I finally got the results of the scan. He had severe inflammation around his knee. We were then referred to a rheumatologist at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. I was so shocked that 1) there were pediatric rheumatologists and 2) that they were so busy! We finally got him in on February 17. That’s when Monkey was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. We were told that they would start him on Naproxen and see how he responded to that. I know they told me other things and handed me a bunch of papers but honestly it’s all just a blur. Unfortunately, he didn’t respond well to the Naproxen and we had to go forward with an injection directly into his knee where the inflammation was.

Since then Monkey has had a total of three injections under sedation and he is now limping again and has swollen joints. Now we are waiting to get a sonogram of his hips, knees and ankles to see where the inflammation is specifically and how bad it is. Once that is determined, we will talk more about treatment. From this point treatment will most likely including him being on a weekly injection of a stronger more preventative medication.


To date there are over 300,000 children in the United States with Juvenile Arthritis. Even with so many affected there are still nine states without a pediatric rheumatologist. If you or someone you know has a child who has been diagnosed with JA please know that you are not alone. Reach out and find someone to talk to, someone you can find support and encouragement from, and someone who has walked down this road. You can also contact your local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation (http://www.arthritis.org/) and find out what programs and resources are available in your area.


If you know a candidate for this series please have parents email story submissions to tricia@patriciajune.com

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This maternity photo shoot was so much fun! Everything came together perfectly for this beautiful Momma to be! When I was driving around scouting for the perfect location for this session ( which I LOVE to do) I remembered seeing a building at Chatham university with a sun room attached. I could just envision this beautiful Momma surrounded by glowing light, bringing out her inner maternal glow! I contacted Chatham to get permission to take the photos there. It took some pleading and convincing but we got the green light!

Then another exciting thing happened. Elena Petzold of Maternity Girl LLC contacted me about styling a maternity session for me. Ok pregnant ladies get this–
Elena will come to your photo shoot with a rack of gorgeous dresses for you to wear in the photos!!! She also brings some accessories and jewelry to complete the look! I have to say it was so blissful to have her there. She provided some amazing dresses and had a great eye to make sure everything was fitting and falling in place perfectly for the photos. I highly recommend anyone having a maternity session to contact her!! Click here for her website http://pregnantinpittsburgh.wordpress.com/

I couldn’t have been more thrilled how these came out!

maternity photo of a beautiful mom in a black dress taken by pittsburgh photographer

Isn’t she positively glowing!!
maternity photo taken by professional photographer in pittsburgh

I cannot wait to meet this little bundle of joy she is carrying around. Her newborn session will be just around the corner!

photo of woman in pink dress taken by maternity photographer in pittsburgh pa

Even if you aren’t feeling quite picture perfect during your pregnancy, you should still consider having some professional photos taken. It’s amazing what the right styling can do to make you look and feel amazing! Plus even though it may seem like your pregnancy is taking FOREVER it is really such a short time in your life. Soon you will forget what it felt like to have that amazing little life kicking around inside you. Photos can bring you back to that time.

photo taken by pittsburgh maternity photographer at chatham university

Contact me so we can talk about what your dream maternity session would look like!! (tricia@patriciajune.com)

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The Little Heroes series features babies and kids who have had a rough time in their lives whether it be physical or emotional. We take updated photos for the parents and allow a space to share their story as well as how they are doing now. This week we feature Alivia and Willow. These girls have an amazing story. Check it out below as well as their new photos we took!


Alivia and Willow's story as told by Mom...

Alivia Madelynn was born on March 14, 2008. Shortly after birth, Alivia ended up in Magees NICU. Overnight a doctor visited us in our room and told us that she had something wrong with her heart, brain, lungs, and one of her kidneys. After a day of testing alivia was diagnosed with strokes, seizures, a ventricular septal defect with murmur, hydonephrosis of her left kidney, hypothermia, and respiratory failure. She had lines and tubes everywhere. Each day I sat beside her isolette from morning until night. Slowly she started hitting NICU milestones. Our first one was coming off the ventilator onto a nasal cannula. Every couple days a tube would disappear but it was two steps forward one step back. One day she would be completely oxygen free, the next back on. We had to teach her how to drink from a bottle. She would Have epsiodes of apnea (not breathing), bradycardia (Slow heartbeat), and desats (low oxygren levels) After a couple weeks we were in a big girl bed (NICU crib) and all she was connected to was oxygen and monitors! The next week was a roller coaster of trying to wean off oxygen until finally after 3 weeks Alivia was ready to come home! Our first year was a rough one. We saw tons of specialists. Each month was filled with trips to children’s hospital and test after test, follow up after follow up. Slowly the specialists started to disappear. The hematologist was the first to go at 3 months, then the opthamologist at 6 months, followed by the cardiologist at one year. We said goodbye to the urologist and stroke neurologist at 2. Alivia has come along way. Now at four years old she is headed for preschool this fall and is perfect in every way.



Willow gracelynn and Rowan evelynn were born on August 10, 2009. The girls were born 3 months early at 29 weeks gestation. Willow weighed 2lbs 8oz 15in long and Rowan weighed 1lb 3oz and 11in long. Their first day they did great. Both were extubated and put on CPAP. The next we noticed Rowan turning an ugly shade of purple, later that same day the neonatologist told us that Rowan had bled into her lungs and that we needed to prepare of the worst. We spent most of the day with Rowan and peeking in on willow occasionally. August 12 we decided to bring our family in to meet Rowan and say their goodbyes. I held our sweet angel while she took her last few breaths. We spent the next couple days with willow just sitting beside her little warmer hoping and praying that she didn’t join her sister. I finally got to hold willow on the day of rowans funeral, she was a week old already. Willow followed the typical nicu steps, two forward, one back. She would go from CPAP to cannula back to CPAP back to cannula. She started with all her bottles being fed to her through a tube in her nose, then each day we would try a bottle. First it was one bottle a day, then two bottles, then back to one after a few bad episodes of bradycardia and apnea. Each ounce she gained was celebrated, each ounce lost brought tears. It was a huge momentous occasion when we finally hit that three pound mark. After 8 and a half long weeks, I pushed to have her transferred to the childrens home and Mario lemieux family center (super amazing place!!!!!). They did wonders with willow. Our first day there was hard for both of us but Willow ended her first day taking all bottles by mouth (our first big step towards going home). The nurses there were angels! They took such amazing care of willow and had her weaned down to the smallest amount of oxygen (another big step towards going home). We spend two weeks at the family center before they finally told us we could take her home. Willow came home on oxygen and on monitors for her heart and oxygen levels. Once again our days were filled with doctors appts. We had to keep track of everything willow did. She needed a special formula with extra calories. She needed to be fed every two hours around the clock. We had to make sure to move her monitor pads around so she did not get sores. Change her nasal cannula to make sure she didn’t end up with sores on her face. Weight checks, development checks…the oxygen went away that November and her heart monitor followed two weeks later. From that point we never looked back. She had a therapist come to the house every month to keep an eye on her. She is a recent graduated of the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers (AFIT, another super amazing group). Willow is amazing! Now three years old and looking forward to potty training and preschool.




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