How adorable is this little baby boy? He was so happy and content for his photo session with his proud big brother. I’m so happy I got to see these boys one more time before they leave Pittsburgh!

photo of a baby boy about two months old with tie on and big brown eyes

This sweet baby is about two months old. For this age we get lots of great awake shots with their eyes open. A lot of times I tell parents to be prepared to be in the photo too because at this age babies like to be very close to their family. They are just starting to be more aware of their surroundings and want to hang on to something familiar!

photo of baby boy with tie on and older child with bowtie taken by pittsburgh photographer

Big brother was so proud! He is about six years old. What a great age to be a big brother. Mom says he is very helpful which is wonderful. My little four year old is helpful sometimes but only if she is in the mood! My seven month old is just starting to move FAST like army crawl across the living room in 30 seconds. My older girl is still getting used to the fact that her baby sister now has access to all of her toys.

Did you see we are having a styled family photo day with wardrobe included?? You have to check out the details here –

We still have a few spots left so email asap!!

We will work with your family to find out what sizes you are and what your style is and then we will make sure we have selections available for you! It is so much fun and I have to say the photos come out so amazing!!
For these sessions you will come to our studio on Neville Island right off of the 79 exit and get pampered at the studio before you come to our outdoor location right down the road.
Looking forward to meeting you and your family!

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I am so excited to announce that all of our photo sessions going forward will include wardrobe for the whole family! This is huge. Moms- this means no more stressing and pulling together outfits at the last minute! When you come to the studio there will be racks of clothes with selections pulled just for you and your family! Of course we will collaborate together before the session so that we know you will LOVE what we have for you to wear.

On that note we are having a family photo day Saturday May 30th! Here are details below…

family photo day with wardrobe and hair and makeup for mom

Everyone will come to the studio for these sessions- Mom will get hair and makeup done there and the family will be outfitted in wardrobe for the session. Then you will drive about 2 miles down the road to the outdoor photo shoot location! Photos of the beautiful spot we picked out coming soon.

These sessions will be 30 minutes long. Many Moms tell me that is as long as their kids and husbands can be counted on to behave;)
That being said- the spots are limited!! Please email Tricia – to reserve your time slot today!!

Another exciting feature of this photo day is that everyone will be receiving a behind the scenes video from their photo shoot! This video will capture your little loves as they have a great time getting their portraits taken. We always make sure there are plenty of games to play and fun to be had during the photo shoots. The video is provided at no extra charge and will be added to your dvd of high resolution photo files that you get from your session.

We can’t wait for this amazing day and are sure the weather will be balmy and fabulous by May 30th!!
hope to see you there!

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I have had the pleasure of capturing photos for these gorgeous twin girls several times and it is always a treat. We have been from Springdale, to Millvale, to Gibsonia and now to our Pittsburgh studio on Neville Island. Mom had a wonderful idea of having a tea party theme for their Easter portraits this year!!


Mom brought a plateful of delicious looking pastries, and pink lemonade for the tea! the girls poured and served each other, and had a blast being so fancy and “proper”. They loved the pink “castle” we set up for them with their little makeshift crate table and lace tablecloth.

studio photography taken in pittsburgh of children playing

They had so much fun. It wasn’t a photoshoot so much as a playdate!

photo of children having a tea party

photo of twins dressed up for their tea party

It’s amazing the difference between three year olds and four year olds. When these girls were three, they seemed so much younger and still babies even!! Now they are carrying on full conversations with each other and me, and are very social and verbal!!

I have to brag that they didn’t even want to leave when it was time to go! That tends to happen a lot during our playtime sessions, and the goal is for the kids (and even the parents) to leave in a good mood. Mom sat on our couch with a cup of real tea while we took these photos!

Mom gets a lot of credit for these too though because we collaborated to come up with the props we used, outfits, and everything. We love to plan with clients because those little pieces of the photo shoot that we put together will mean something to you and your family forever.

Please check out our upcoming events tab to see all of the exciting goings on at the studio in the next few months!
We have a fashion show planned, and a couple of styled photo shoot days with hair and makeup available for mom and wardrobe for the whole family!! Please contact Tricia at to schedule today!

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