• Hello and thank you for visiting my site! I am a newborn, baby, and child photographer based in Pittsburgh Pa. I grew up here in Pittsburgh and love exploring new parts of the city and countryside to use for my photography sessions! I also have a studio in Millvale that works great for newborn sessions, babies and small children. I do take family photos as well and those are always done on location. I love to use natural light as much as possible so the location of your session will depend on the time of day we pick. While you are here grab a snack and browse through my portfolio! Feel free to 99,111,110,116,97,99,116,32,109,101em tcatnoc with any questions. Have a great day!

Mother’s Day Sessions {Pittsburgh baby photographer}

I have to say being a baby photographer in Pittsburgh can be challenging, but not nearly as challenging as being a Mom. Motherhood is a job that pulls you in directions you never thought you could go… it strengthens your patience and your heart strings… it is exhausting and emotional and so rewarding. You will cry tears of frustration but also tears of joy and love.

Give your Mom a hug today! Mother’s Day is coming up and we are having our annual Mother’s Day photo sessions! Last year we had so much fun. We had a hair stylist and makeup artist there to make sure the Moms looked stunning! We also had delicious pastries from “that French bakery in Millvale” which is called Jean-Marc Chatellier’s French Bakery. We had coffee and munched and chatted while everyone got all dolled up for their photos.

Here are a few of our favorites from last year!

photo taken by baby photographer in pittsburgh at studio of mom and baby interacting

As any Mom would say, the first year goes too fast! I remember the first couple weeks of my daughter’s life seemed to last forever because it was such an adjustment. But then after that time FLEW! Now she is three and a half yikes!

photo of mom and baby taken by photographer at pittsburgh studio

we had a beautiful white and cream set up last year with twinkle lights. We are going to have something similar this year with some fresh flowers too!

pittsburgh baby photographer took this photo of mom in silk gown and baby smiling on shoulder

We loved how attached these babies were to their Momma’s!
photo of mom and baby in black and white taken by professional photographer at pittsburgh studio

I bet she can stare at that sweet baby allll day:)
photo of mom and baby taken in pittsburgh by child and baby photographer

It’s so important for Mom’s to get in the picture once and awhile. I know it’s tough Moms! Believe me I never want to get in with my daughter at the time but I always look back and I’m thankful someone pushed me in there!
photo of baby with mom both have purple flowers taken by photographer in pittsburgh

This Mom had the cutest shoes!! And the baby feet are pretty darn cute too.
pittsburgh photographer takes photos at studio in pittsburgh this one has cute baby toes

Contact Tricia at tricia@patriciajune.com to schedule your Mother’s Day session!

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Dress up fun {Pittsburgh child photographer}

As a child photographer in Pittsburgh I am always coming up with ideas to keep kids engaged. Did you like to play dress up when you were a kid? I know my daughter does, and most children I work with love it. This photo session was done for an editorial submission, and the idea was that the flower girl and ring bearer of the wedding snuck out of the ceremony and crashed the reception early! It was taken at the beautiful Morning Glory Inn on the South Side.

pittsburgh child photographer took this photo of two kids at a cafe table

sneaking out of church early…admit it you’ve been tempted!!!
photo of boy sneaking out of church taken by children's photographer at morning glory in near pittsburgh

Pouring some “champagne” (obviously Sprite:))
photo of girl pouring sprite into champagne glasses
photo of children pretending to drink champagne taken by photographer at morning glory inn near pittsburgh pa

getting into the bubbles meant for the bride and groom…
children's photography showing a boy having fun blowing bubbles

photo of children blowing bubbles taken by pittsburgh photographer

pittsburgh photographer took this photo of two children laughing together

I love to give children an imaginary story to work with, it is amazing to see how far their little imaginations take it!
pittsburgh children's photographer takes pictures at morning glory inn

aaand the cake’s about to go down!
photo of children about to eat a delicious cake taken by professional pittsburgh photographer

photo of delicious cake being eaten by children in pittsburgh

photo of child eating cake taken by photographer in pittsburgh

it was a delicious cake, i tried some myself!
photo of girl with icing on her fingers taken by pittsburgh child photographer

and finally the stars of our show, aren’t they gorgeous!!

photo of a child taken at morning glory inn near pittsburgh by professional photographer

photo of a child taken by photographer in pittsburgh pa

See more of my work here-

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Little Hero Jessica

The Little Heroes series features babies and kids who have had a rough time in their lives whether it be physical or emotional. This week we feature Jessica who came to visit us at the studio last week with her Mom. She is a true hero! Leave some love for her and her family in the comments:)

Jessica’s story as told by Mom-

Jessica’s life did not start like most children. She came into the world not kicking and screaming. She entered the world on October 7, 1992 at 26 weeks and weighed in at 2lb 2oz. She in a way was fortunate her mom had her then walked away. Jessica was diagnosed with CP, Fetal Alcohol, Crack, Failure to thrive. She was a little soul with nobody to love. Jessica had to have a fight in her because she beat the odds she was given. Jessica spend 3 month in the hospital before entering a foster home in Philadelphia. We had the great fortune to meet her in November 1994. There was an instant bond between her and our son Alex. After spending the weekend with her and attending all her Dr.’s appointments, we started making arrangements to bring her to Pittsburgh. What a wonderful Christmas present she was to the family. We were told to love and spoil here since she would never walk, talk or be able to attend any type of school. Jessica came to Pittsburgh December 10, 1994 she was 26 months old and 18 lbs and on a feeding tube. Our work started. Jessica was a fighter and proved everyone wrong. On January 4th she started to walk. Talking took a little longer since everyone was willing to speak for her. She has made it thru many challenges. At the age of 21 she will graduate from Pathfinder School in June 2014. She is a Global Messanger for Special Olympics and loves speaking to crowds about Special O. She is also a very active part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run and the Polar Plunge. Jessica tells everyone she is lucky to have a 2nd family of Law Enforcement members. Pittsburgh Zone 6, Port Authority Police and the FBI agents have made a huge impact on Jessica’s life. They have help bring her out of her shell to the amazing woman she is becoming. I thank God everyday that he watched over her to bring her to us. She keeps our lives busy and is a joy to be around.

Some of the new photos we took of Jessica at the studio…

photo taken by professional portrait photographer in pittsburgh pa

doesn’t she look great!!
photo of girl sitting on ledge at pittsburgh photography studio

professional photographer took this photo at studio in pittsburgh pa

Thanks for coming in Jessica!!
photo taken at pittsburgh studio by professional photographer

to nominate your child or a friend’s child for the Little Heroes series please email tricia@patriciajune.com

  • Pam Clayton - Patty,
    I cannot thank you enough for making Jessica feel special. The pictures are beautiful. She is so proud of herself. Thank you againReplyCancel

    • admin - that is wonderful she should be! it was my pleasureReplyCancel

  • Sam Shondelmyer - I know Jessica and her parents Dan & Pam. She is the most presious soul you could ever meet. The LOVE Dan & Pam gave Jessica is why she is who she is today and the reason she can do everything that she does.

    If everyone have a heart like this family, this world would be a greater place.ReplyCancel

  • David Rose - Jess,
    I want you to know Kelly and I are soooo proud of you!! We are privileged to know you and be a part of your life. Thank you for inspiring us to be better people and help us realize what’s important in life, to enjoy life, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Jess we love you so much!! I also want to thank you and your family for all YINZ do for Special Olympic’s. We are proud to be involved with Special Olympic’s and can’t wait for the next Polar Plunge.


    Dave RoseReplyCancel

  • Kelly Kumanchik - Jess, never before has anyone touched our lives in quite the way you have changed the lives of Dave & me. you have changed our outlook on so many things & what’s really important. you inspire us in so many ways & because of YOU, we are better people. you have touched our lives, our hearts, our souls & there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for you or to protect you. YOU ARE THE REASON WE DO WHAT WE DO FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS. we love you more than life!

    we are so lucky to have you in our lives & so lucky to know you. we love you, sweet girl!!!ReplyCancel

  • Scott Schubert - Jess,You have no idea how proud I am of you and how blessed I am to have you and your family in my life. Since the first day I met you in 2010, I knew you were a beautiful and special person, inside and out. All of us in law enforcement, in the Western Pennsylvania area, were new to the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics movement and I can tell you in all sincerity that you were a driving inspiration for all of us. It’s amazing to see how much all of us have grown since the inception of the Pittsburgh Polar Plunge in December 2010. We are all better people because of you and everyone else associated with Special Olympics. You taught all of us that, if we believe and give our all, we can accomplish anything. I thank you for that and I thank you for being a part of my life, a part of my family and a part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run. You are an amazing young woman and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next. Love, Scott, Lynn, Alex and Haley SchubertReplyCancel

  • Lynn Schubert - P.S. Scotty forgot to say how beautiful you look!!!ReplyCancel

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