We always have such a great time with this family!! We love watching the children grow from little babies to toddlers to school age kids! These photos were taken near Pittsburgh at North Park Boathouse. The weather was a little crazy this day but we were able to squeeze the photo shoot in between rain showers!!

family photography pittsburgh

Mom always does a fantastic job of dressing everyone!
pittsburgh family photographer

family photographer pittsburgh

These kids were SO adorable together!! What an amazing bond they have.
pittsburgh kids photography

Lots of giggles and whispers and joy.
pittsburgh child photographer

Hanging by the row boats! I mean.. they could be models:)
pittsburgh professional photographer

This was a new location for us with these guys. We have done Hartwood Acres in the past, and even a fun urban style shoot but we really loved the lake and surrounding area near the Boathouse here!
pittsburgh child photographer
Big sister was totally into having her photo taken this year!
pittsburgh child photographer
And little brother played along with me too. I heard mention of going to Target afterwards if they were good. Hey I would behave to get to go to Target too!

This was an on location portrait style session. Contact Tricia to schedule yours today! tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

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Relationships and love. That’s what life comes down to. That’s what is important and deserves our attention. Lifestyle sessions are amazing for documenting the different relationships and dynamics in a family. the way it shows up on film is inspiring. Your family is a living breathing thing that changes every day. I love freezing a little slice of time for my clients to look back on forever…

pittsburgh family photographer

These sisters were so much fun to photograph. They are similar ages to my daughters so many things seemed familiar! The little one is getting older and getting into more of the older one’s toys. The older one was protective of the baby and also wanted to show how much she loved her!!
photo of sisters taken by pittsburgh photographer

We spent some time out in the yard playing with the doggie
candid photography of family with dog

There were so many beautiful things going on at once it was hard to keep up! There was a lot of giggling and running around. Everyone probably slept very well after this session!!
lifestyle photography pittsburgh pa

pittsburgh baby photographer

I could have used another photographer honestly to catch all the interactions between everyone. I like to spend around an hour and a half at lifestyle sessions to make sure to give enough attention to all the members of the family!
photo of mom and baby taken by professional photographer

Dad was very involved which the girls loved.
photo of dad and baby taken in pittsburgh

We played inside for awhile too. Older sis loved showing off her room and jumping on the bed of course!
pittsburgh lifestyle photographer
action photo taken by pittsburgh family photographer

We played with blocks and toys, climbed trees, made lemonade with fresh mint, and read stories!
baby photography pittsburgh

I absolutely loved my time with this family! Lifestyle sessions are still on special throughout 2016 so schedule yours today! Call Tricia at 412-965-9674 or email tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

These sessions come with all the digital photos on USB drive with printing rights. The sessions can be indoor/outdoor at your house or at a park or somewhere that you like!

Happy Fall!

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This family photography session was done in the candid, story telling style that we call “lifestyle” photography. It is a lot of fun and results in the most beautiful images.family photographer in pittsburgh with twins

These twins were so adorable and at one year old they were at a fun age! Lot’s of playing with toys, playing with the dogs, and snuggling with mom and dad.
family photography near pittsburgh

Everyone seems to relax more at these sessions compared to at a traditional portrait session. Instead of stressing about “Is everyone smiling/behaving?” we embrace the craziness and use the silliness and giggling to produce memorable photos.

baby photographer pittsburgh pa

Never a dull moment in this household!! I could have stayed all day taking photos.

I have so much respect for these parents. Raising twins has got to be tough!! At least with my two children they are going through different stages of craziness, not the same stages at the same time!! I would need someone else at my house ALL the time every day.
pittsburgh family photographer

We read stories, crawled around the floor, practiced climbing the stairs, and jumped in the cribs.
baby photography pittsburgh pa

I bet everyone took a really long nap after I left 😉
professional photographer pittsburgh

If you enjoy creative story telling photos you would love a Lifestyle session! It is meaningful because it usually takes place at your home or a place that your family frequents. So we get that in the background and authentic smiles from the little ones (and even Dad!). Don’t worry, you don’t have to have an organized or even clean house for the lifestyle session. It’s my job to work with the surroundings and create beautiful photos. I use a shallow depth of field so the main focus is always the family and the background fades into a nice blur 😉

For a limited time our lifestyle sessions are half off so for $350 you get a 90 minute in home photo session and all of the photos (60-75) on USB drive with printing rights!

Call me today at 412-965-9674 or email tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com


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