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One of the best things about being a children’s portrait photographer in Pittsburgh is capturing milestones. The times you will look back on and say “Oh my gosh remember when you (started to walk, turned 3, lost your first tooth, and started school)”

My daughter started kindergarten this week and it was way more emotional than I thought it would be! She attended Pre-K last year and had a similar schedule so it isn’t a huge change as far as how many hours she’s at school. I guess the fact that it’s a different building with different teachers makes a difference and kindergarten is no joke nowadays! There is a lot of learning and not much playtime from what I understand. They even got homework three times already and this is the first week! There have been a lot of tears and adjustments and questions this week (from me and my daughter). I definitely feel that we are being pulled apart not only physically but emotionally too. Already in the first week she is acting so much older than she did in Pre-K. She is nervous about how she looks, she is making new friends, and she is dealing with the occasional mean comment from her peers. Gosh I just want to take away the pressure and the anxiety and hold her all day and tell her she doesn’t have to go! But then I see how proud she is of herself when she gets a star on her homework or how she giggles with her new friends. Sigh!

These are my adorable little clients, they also started kindergarten this past week.
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I told their Mama they are so lucky to have each other through these school years!!
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I also always tell her she is a saint for raising twins 😉
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Big shout out to all you parents sending your babies to school for the first time!!! I would love to capture your little love on camera to document this occasion. Email me today- or call 412-965-9674

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Those first five years you guys. They go so fast.

And I think there’s a time warp because several lifetimes seem to happen in those first five years. There isn’t enough children’s photography in the world to capture how many images fly by our psyche in those years. There are so many giggles, tears, tantrums and hugs. Floors littered with crayons and sippy cups piled in the sink. When you child is five and you see a photo of her from when she is two it’s like you are looking at a completely different child who is living in a parallel universe. And YOU! Don’t forget you have changed too.

That is why I am so passionate about what I do. You can’t possibly remember everything about your child’s infancy and toddlerhood but seeing a photo certainly refreshes your memory.

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My five (almost six) year old will be starting kindergarten next week. It seems surreal. Especially after this summer. We spent extra special time together this summer. She had her tonsils removed early June and we spent a couple weeks snuggling long hours and recovering from that. We swam and walked on trails and ate junk food and stayed up late. We played My Little Pony and watched Paw Patrol and read library books about fairies. I don’t know who’s more upset about this transition into school time me or her! And the relationship between her and her sister this summer just absolutely bloomed. They will surely miss one another! Such a change from last summer when the little one was approaching one year old. Now that she is almost two they actually play together.

So as I go through photos and wipe tears from my eyes I am urging you to schedule your photo shoot so you can do the same in a few years. I can assure you I will put my heart and soul into your photo shoot so that I can capture what sings to your heart and soul.

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My love for beach photography started several years ago. This baby photo was taken one year ago. This is my baby! She will be two on Sunday. What a whirlwind. Speaking of wind that is one of the things I love about taking photos on the beach. Wind, sun, sand, water, I love it all.beach baby photography

this was in Ocean City Maryland. We will be back there this September! Next summer we are going to Sandbridge in Virginia Beach. I make sure to pack some fun clothes to take pictures of my kids on the beach in. This romper is from Country Couture which has soooo many adorable items for baby girls.

Other than taking photos on the beach I like to just sit and listen to the waves. It’s really one of the only places I feel truly relaxed. I always wondered if I would feel the same if I lived at the beach or if it’s just because we are on vacation. Or a “trip” I should say, since a “vacation” implies that we aren’t doing any work. Ha! If you have been to the beach or anywhere away from home with your kids you know it’s not a cake walk! The amount of things you need to bring is astounding. And everyone crosses their fingers at bedtime because who knows what will happen in a different bedroom miles away from the normal bedtime routine. Plus as parents you are extra tired because of the drive and getting unpacked and settled.

I guess that’s why I remember my Dad always saying he would like to stay at the beach for two weeks. Because by the time everyone is settled into a routine it’s time to leave!! And saying good bye to the beach is always sad. But hey that’s what photos are for right?!?!

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