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We are thrilled to announce a sister company to Patricia June Photography- Patricia’s June Bugs!

Patricia’s June Bugs will offer fresh, creative studio portraits of your little love bugs. Patricia has been training an associate photographer– Sara Dinwiddie– and she will be the main photographer for Patricia’s June Bugs!
Sara is extremely talented, has an eye for capturing creative portraits, and has been wonderful working with children and babies!

Meet Sara….

Sara studied photography at RMU. She has experience working with another local studio as well as working with me since May.
Besides photography some of her other favorite things are:
favorite color=blue
favorite food=pizza and/or Thai curry
favorite movie=Aladdin
favorite ice cream=chocolate peanut butter (yum!)
favorite car=red corvette convertible


To kick off Patricia’s June Bugs Sara will be offering Holiday Sessions at the Neville Island studio at 6200 Grand Avenue Pittsburgh Pa 15225. The investment will be $150 for a one hour session including 15-20 digital files with printing rights delivered through an online gallery for download. All of Patricia’s props, set ups, etc. will be available to use.

Please email tricia@patriciajune.com to schedule your session! Or message us on Facebook!

Photo credits for the below photos goes to Sara! We love what she captured here!!

baby photographer pittsburgh pa

baby photography pittsburgh with holiday props

Make your appointment today! 412-965-9674

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Have we mentioned we love newborn photography sessions?? These sweet little nuggets really bring us joy. Check out this darling baby girl we took photos of a few weeks ago!!
newborn photography captured by pittsburgh photographer at studio

She was truly an angel princess!!
photo of a newborn baby girl taken by professional photographer in pittsburgh pa

we love when the baby has their eyes open too!! they have some of the most amazing expressions!!
pittsburgh newborn photography of a baby with her eyes open

Thanks for sharing your angel baby with us Mom and Dad!!
baby sleeping in basket taken by newborn photographer in pittsburgh studio

Here is a video we did for this family:

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Welcome to the Little Heroes Series! We feature babies and children here who have had a rough time at some point in their lives whether it be physical or emotional. Parents submit a story of what happened and how the child is doing now. Then we take some new photos for the family compliments of Patricia June Photography. This series is a great way to show support for these families- leave a comment on the blog to show you care! Share the link to the blog so that more eyes can see these children who are truly miracles, and more prayers can be said for them and their families.

This week we feature Asher! This little boy was a true toddler- very opinionated and was fine as long as we did what he wanted to do! haha! he was in charge ( like most 2 year olds! ) Right down to his outfit- Mom wanted him to wear something different but he was set on his octopus shirt. Loved photographing Asher- what a smart and handsome boy!!!

Asher’s story as told by Mom…

Asher David was born 4/20/13. After some minor pregnancy complications we were very excited to meet our second child.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.29.40 PMRight away it was obvious that something was not right. Most obviously were his missing external ears. After extensive testing and 6 1/2 weeks in the NICU he was officially diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome. The syndrome is characterized by craniofacial abnormalities. Most commonly ear deformities, cleft palate, small jaw, eye issues, all of which Mr. Asher exhibits to some degree. He recieved a tracheostomy when he was 4 days old to secure his airway and a g-tube at one month when he was unable to eat by mouth. He has had numerous procedures and recently had his cleft palate repaired and eye muscle surgery.Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.29.30 PMBy the time he is 18 he will likely have upwards of 20 surgical procedures that will (we hope!) ultimately allow him to breathe and eat normally. He has had early intervention services since birth including PT, OT, Speech, and a hearing therapist and is an active, happy two year old in spite of all of the adversity he has faced. He has adjusted well to his bilateral hearing aides and signs around 75 words. He loves playing with his big sister and has lots of adoring fans and the best smile ever!

Here are some new photos we took at the studio…

Asher loved playing with cars and trucks! He also loves the movie “Cars”!


Most of all he loved his Mama <3



We thought we convinced him to change shirts but nope.. he was ok without one for a few minutes… then back to the octopus shirt 😉

Thanks for sharing Asher with us for his photo shoot!!

If you know a baby or child that is a Little Hero please have parents/guardians submit their story to tricia@patriciajune.com

  • sharon grimes - Asher looks adorable!! <3 the Octopus shirt buddy!!!


  • Heather Freed - What an amazing hero!!! Love the shirt!! It shows his spunk!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Beautiful pictures! Love the octopus!ReplyCancel

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