We have been so blessed with many many families coming through our doors this spring!! Our natural light studio lends itself well to “lifestyle meets studio” portraiture. We understand that most people want the classic “looking and smiling” photo but we LOVE capturing the in between poses. The candid. The real giggle and real interaction.
Sara, our associate photographer, has been KILLING IT with her sessions. Knocking it right out of the park. Had to share some of her recent work!
family portrait photography in pittsburgh

family photography studio pittsburgh pa

photography of a family in pittsburgh studio

These boys are so adorable!!child photography in pittsburgh pa

baby photography in pittsburgh pa

great job documenting this family’s story Sara!! To schedule your family’s photo session contact Tricia at 412-965-9674 or tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

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I absolutely love taking photos of Mothers and children together! The connection is amazing.maternity photography in pittsburgh pa
I love the little looks, the snuggles, even the tears. It’s all part of the story!
photo of mom and daughters taken by pittsburgh photographer

For me every day in motherhood is different than the day before. Different celebrations, different struggles, but always love. Lots of love and in my house lots of giggles. Giggles are how we deal with the frustration.
photography in pittsburgh of children at studio

It just takes a mention of stinky feet or making a silly face to diffuse an argument. I’m sure that will change as the kids get older. But I will cherish it for now!

child photography in pittsburgh pa

It’s so important to get photos of you and your kids together. For them and you. It makes the kids feel so special and important to be in the photo with mommy. And for you Mom, when you look back at them in a few years, you will forget all of the loads of laundry and couches full of crumbs, and just remember the snuggles and little feet, little faces, little arms around your neck.

We have two days for mommy and me sessions this year- april 22nd and 23rd! call or email Tricia today to book! 412-965-9674 tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

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baby photography pittsburgh pa

We love babies. Our Pittsburgh studio is great for baby photography! The natural lighting allows us lots of flexibility with where baby can be photographed. Crawling, cruising and toddling are all encouraged!

professional photography pittsburgh pa

Babies are happy if they get to explore. It’s fun to follow them around with the camera and let their little personalities shine!
baby photographer

Most parents have baby photographed at these stages: newborn, three months, six months, and one year. After that they become toddlers!! Eeek! We love toddlers too. They challenge our creativity and we always get images full of vibrance and life!!

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