We are extremely excited to announce that we are now available for travel worldwide! We would love to photograph your family on vacation at the beach or wherever your heart desires!

The beach is an amazing location to take family photos. The barefoot in the sand look never goes out of style!! I don’t recommend wearing all white or even all matching outfits though. Let your creativity flow and wear something comfortable that you can have fun in!

The following photos were taken in Ocean City Maryland. Our family has been vacationing there for many years. I love the beach, the boardwalk, and Jolly Rogers Amusement park! Taking my kids there has been a trip down memory lane for me because I see it again as a child through their eyes.

beach photography ocean city maryland

Roaming the beach to find shells, crabs, and other interesting bits is one of our favorite things to do.
family photography at the beach in ocean city maryland

At first I was a little timid to bring out my professional camera at the beach — it’s like my third child and I didn’t want it to get sandy or wet! But it is totally worth the risk. I just make sure to pack it up in a waterproof bag and be diligent about returning it to it’s bag immediately after using it. The photos I get at the beach are magical!! There is so much light reflecting everywhere. The water looks different in every photo, it almost has a mood and personality of its own.
photograph of five year old jumping in waves at ocean city maryland

I love discovering new lighting at different times of day on the beach. From the soft early morning sunrise light (on the East Coast) to the beautiful radiant light in the afternoon, i love it all.
family photograph taken by professional beach photographer

It’s fun to take photos of your vacation with your own camera (and I insist that you do!) but it’s a whole new experience to have someone else take the photos for you. First of all you get to be in more of the photos! Second of all you will see your family and your vacation through a new set of eyes. Honestly some of our vacations seemed so stressful when we were actually supposed to be enjoying them. But when I look back at photos I forget how stressful it was packing up kids and chasing them around the condo and I just see the experience for what it was. Email me now to book your vacation photo shoot– tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com or call 412-965-9674

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My camera clicks got lost in the lovely busy-ness of this household. With a two year old and newborn there was never a dull moment! I got a happy vibe as soon as I parked on this family’s street. I loved the setting of a beautiful older house on a hopping East Pittsburgh street. There was always something to look at from the front porch. People walking by, construction vehicles humming, and of course bubbles flying.

What a perfect metaphor for the beauty of a moment. A bubble. So full and shimmery and floating along. A tiny little world all in itself. That’s what I hope to capture in every lifestyle session. A new world through new eyes.

family photographer pittsburgh pa

This baby boy had so much love surrounding him. What a gift. It was a joy to follow this family around for a morning! I always tell the Dads (and Moms but it seems more important to tell the Dads so they don’t feel like they have to put on a show)– you don’t have to do anything special or stay in the same room with us the whole time– I am here for 90 minutes — do your thing and come and go as you please!

newborn photographer pittsburgh pa

We were inside and outside as the weather allowed! Pittsburgh weather can be kind of wacky so we do what we can!

family photography pittsburgh pa

there were so many photos i could share!!! so many moments radiating with life.
baby and newborn photo pittsburgh pa

Big sister did her own thing most of the morning with small bouts of curiosity towards baby brother.
lifestyle photography pittsburgh with a family

She also loved the extra attention that was flying around!! The wonder of a two year old never gets tiring.
dad and toddler photography pittsburgh

At Viva we live for life. We want to drink up all the amazing interactions and moments of a family photo session. Whether it’s a Lifestyle session or a traditional portrait session at the studio. We cherish those moments that are unscripted and unposed. The moments that you will remember forever.
Schedule your session today– 412-965-9674– or tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com

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So often we see our world through a very critical lens. It may be our own perfectionist lens. It may be a judgmental lens, or a social media lens. We sometimes focus on all the things that need work and miss all the beauty that flies by in our daily lives. I know I am guilty of that in my own life. I spend a lot of time creating beauty for other families and sometimes miss what’s right in front of my face in my own home. The camera changes that for me. Even when I’m in a dark mood I can pull out the camera and find the light.

When I look through the camera I see so many moments I don’t want to forget. It’s like a little collection of gifts. The camera strings them together and when I look through the images I gasp. That was my morning!? It was beautiful.

That’s what I want to give to my clients. A collection of moments. A new lens to look at your life through. It can change you. In a good way.

lifestyle photography pittsburgh

These little girls were bursting with life and personality. They pulled me right into their world and I didn’t look back.
family and lifestyle photography near pittsburgh pa

toddler photography pittsburgh

We played dress up and picnic party and bubbles and more! The imaginations were whirling.
children's photography pittsburgh pa

I loved the front porch photos. I have many fond memories of playing on the front porch at my grandma’s house. Now as a parent I like playing with my daughters on a front porch because they are contained but outside. And I feel connected to the outside world because I can see the passers by on the street!
family photography pittsburgh pa

Thanks for inviting me into your world!!
lifestyle photography pittsburgh pa

To schedule your lifestyle session please contact Tricia at 412-965-9674 or tricia@vivaportraitstudio.com
They are half off right now at $350!
The price includes a 90 minute on location session and all the photos on disk with printing rights.

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